Boats built for fishermen, by fishermen

Welcome to Carrycat Marine, boats built for fishermen, by fishermen.

Our design and laminating team have more than 120years combined experience in this industry. We strive to improve our vessels year on year, making your journey out to the deep – lighter, more cost effective and more pleasant time after time.

We use only the very best GRP composites, ensuring your vessel is lighter, more efficient and zips through (…like a fish out of…) water, resulting in less fuel consumption and ensuring your fishing experience is more memorable.

Every vessel we produce is unique and proudly custom manufactured to your specifications. We produce watercraft fit for the deep, the biggest tuna or the smallest snoek – we custom build to your preference of catch and use of your vessel, which ever the season, whether it be fit for family (in-laws…), overseas charter guests or just aiding in your love of the sport, big or small, we build it all!